SOM for Non-Linear Morphing

Villa experiment (With Encode Studio Teamwork) shows a way to generate in-between physical features of pure geometrical data. Each of the design proposals’ geometries has its own reality, which came from different designer with different functional requirements. Here we want to pinpoint that we are not ‘only’ use SOM to explore in-between designs, but we used SOM to hold a discussion between these design proposals. They are few but the results of the discussion relative to the transitions of their features’ values space.villaThe Villa design-data has multiple attributes that were encoded as Matrices. By applying SOM algorithm on 6 initial different design alternatives’ matrices, the output is a 2d topological map shows the “close” and “far” of the 6 input variations. Moreover, rendering the weights of SOM neurons in-between these initial inputs create a non-linear morphing in between 3d models.


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